When you think of the Whitsundays what comes to mind? Coral Reefs, blue ocean, 74 islands, white sandy beaches, boats, sunshine and summer holiday vibes. With thousands of people visiting every year we’ve put together five quick reasons to sail with us on board  Derwent Hunter;

Trained Professionals

Our staff are not just boat crew with a memorised ‘tour guide spiel’. They are trained marine biologist and master reef guides that can provide up to date information on the reef! With educated and passionate ocean lovers as crew you can rest assured they are taking you to the best snorkel spots for the present conditions. The marine and islands talks are educational a well as fun and entertaining giving you a chance to not only experience snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park but also become informed about it

Space is not an issue

The Derwent Hunter is a beautiful big timber boat where space is not an issue. You will not be required to sit down on the rails or squeeze into a row of seats while sailing with Tall Ship Adventures. Walk around the decks, lay about, find the sun or the shade… there is plenty of space to safely move around while sailing and at anchor.

Sailing the Whitsundays is a bucket list item

The Whitsundays worldwide is known as a sailing destination. With partially smooth waters and the lee of the islands providing comfortable sailing in trade conditions. If you don’t know what this means then just know that it’s basically as good as it gets when it comes to a sailing destination! Experience the wind in your hair as you sail to a stunning island anchorage to explore the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Australian Tall Ships are few and far between

Tall Ships have a bit of a cult following around the world, with timber boat lovers and sailing enthusiasts a like traveling the globe to sail on different boats. What makes Derwent Hunter so special is that she is an Australian built Tall Ship with a rich and diverse history which you can become a part of when sailing on her in the Whitsundays, help hoist the sails, get behind the wheel and make the most of this unique experience by getting hands-on with sailing a traditional tall ship.

Neutral Carbon Presence

Not only are we an award winning eco-certified tour we have a near neutral carbon presence due to the ability to sail in a variety of different conditions. Bering conscious of our impact we have on our environment means that we implement sustainable practices as much as possible and sailing is a priority in getting to our destination – as wind power means no fossil fuels are being consumed.


Join us for a bucket list sail in the Whitsunday Islands. Contact.