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What the Futtock?

15 May 2015

No, we’re not swearing at you. Futtocks can be found on wooden sailing ships, and no, it has nothing to do with the crew’s backside!

Read on for more weird and wonderful boating words that sound rude and hilarious!

Futtocks: the curved timbers of the interior ribs on the hulls of wooden ships
Use it in a sentence: “gee this one has finely shaped futtocks”

Scuttlebutt: the cask on a ship used to hold drinking water
Use it in a sentence: “where’s the scuttlebutt? I’m thirsty”

Athwartships: at right angles to the centreline of the ship
Use it in a sentence: “there’s a dolphin directly athwartships!”

Baggywrinkle: A cover that looks like a small furry animal that prevents ropes or cables from chafing a hole in the sails
Use it in a sentence: “help me make a baggywrinkle for this cable so we don’t get a hole in the sail”

Seacock: a valve on a boat to let water in or out
Use it in a sentence: “open the seacocks! We need to let some water out”

Booby hatch: a sliding hatch or cover on a boat
Use it in a sentence: “open the booby hatch, I need to go down below”

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Just in case you had forgotten, we get to see turtles ALL the time. Here are some of more turtle photos to remind you!

Fun photos

Our guests have so much fun on Derwent Hunter, here are some snaps to prove it

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“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat“

– Jean-Paul Sartre


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