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The Art Edition

2 December 2014

We’ve been noticing lately how many stunning arty photos our team have been getting out here on the water in the Whitsundays.

Sailing on a traditional tallship like the Derwent Hunter is a very special experience. There are few places in Australia, or indeed the world, that guests can really get involved in sailing a traditional tall ship for a day. This is not just a harbour cruise it’s the real deal!

For keen photographers, it offers many opportunities for some seriously cool photos, and here are a few of our favourites.

The Captain’s Choice Highlights Video

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What’s in it: Lots of strong men and women making hoisting the sails look easy, and plenty of turtles!

Weekly Highlights
Zeke’s birthday wish

Local pirate boy Zeke Flavel only wanted to do one thing for his birthday and that was to sail again on the Derwent Hunter. Well, his wish was granted and he had a fun day on the high seas with best friend Blake.

Our favourite feedback

“As Portuguese people we also love the ocean, this is the genetic of our people, who were crazy enough to put themselves on ships like this and discover the path from Europe to India, Africa and Brazil in the 16th Century. On this particular tour we loved the crew, the snorkelling, the landscape and the beautiful old ship. After this it will be difficult to go back to our daily jobs. Thanks a lot guys”

– Sara & Vasco

“Highlight- standing at the front of the boat and getting splashed!! Weeee!!
Oh and trying to call dolphins in dolphin speak.
P.S. not a child just a very excitable adult…”

– Jami, NZ

DH-staff-Kieran-Burleigh-square-300x300Staff Profile
Kieran Burleigh aka “The Scot”

Kieran joined the team all the way from chilly Scotland where he worked as Second Mate on board a ship very similar to the Derwent called “Spirit of Fairbridge”.

Kieran quickly adapted to the deck of the Derwent and has been
sharing his love of sailing with our guests over the last few months.

You could say he is living the dream, travelling around the world learning traditional boat skills & exploring the wonders of nature.
fish graphic

More arty photos

See more photos in our Facebook galleries.


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