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Eco Tallship Sailing

9 December 2014

Ahh the peace and quiet of being under sail. Such a natural way to experience the Whitsundays and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef from the deck of the Derwent Hunter.

Some say it’s the “vibe”, that makes our eco tour special, no rushing just enjoying nature at its own sublime speed. By the time you arrive at your destination, you will find yourself completely relaxed and ready to enter the amazing underwater world.

Looking after our backyard – “Eye on the Reef”

The Derwent Hunter crew can often be seen hopping in the water with a slate and pencil and dropping a strange looking instrument over the side known as a “secchi disk”.

The crew are collecting data for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and monitoring our daily sites for any signs of change. The scientists recognise that one of the best ways of collecting regular data is from crew who get to visit these amazing locations on a daily basis.

Derwent Hunter participates in the GBRMPA Eye on the Reef program

More information on Derwent Hunter’s commitment to Ecotourism.

The Captain’s Choice Highlights Video

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What’s in it: See the health of the reef from 0.35. Snorkel with clownfish, turtles and trevally. See Derwent Hunter’s large shaded deck from 1.30.

Release your inner poet

We love this delightful little poem sent to us from Jan Millward who sailed with us on her wedding anniversary last week. It turns out that it is husband Ken who is the poet. Well done Ken, we love your work!


What a lovely way to spend a day
Sailing out on the ocean blue
With a lovely lunch and a happy bunch
“The Derwent Hunter Crew”

With dolphins, corals and fishes
It fulfilled all our wishes
To swim with our turtle friends
But we’re sorry that such a lovely day
Must eventually come to an end

Such an uplifting trip on this beautiful ship
With its sails flapping in the breeze
So thanks again as the memories remain
Of our beautiful day on the seas

– Ken and Jan Millward
(The two Great Nomads)

Kellie-Butterworth-sq-300x300Staff Profile

Kellie Butterworth – Local Sales Training

We are excited to welcome local legend Kelly Butterworth (was Ashdown) to the team, training and promoting the Derwent Hunter to the Airlie Beach region. As an Airlie Beach local, Kelly is passionate about the Whitsundays and proud to be promoting a quality authentic eco tour.

She has a big shoes to fill with Nikia heading off to Brisbane- but we have no doubt she is fit for the task. In fact she is the crazy one you see at 5.00am in the morning going for a run whilst pushing her two little ones in the pram!
fish graphic

Photos of the Week

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