“There is a lot of time, energy and expertise that goes into maintaining the longevity of timeless classics like the Derwent Hunter, and all our guests through the years have helped us to do this.” – Warren Ladd, Owner.

The Derwent Hunter is one of, if not the only last working treasure of Australia’s Maritime industry. An Australian vessel purposely built to work under sail, she is now taking guests daily on a boutique day trip in the Whitsunday islands. The tour offers a unique and authentic experience of sailing in the Whitsundays with a strong focus on coral reef education and eco-tourism and she’s just been put back in the water after a few weeks on the slip for her annual hull clean.

Revered by Wooden Boat lovers, the Derwent Hunter has also captured the hearts of so many through the years, and it is through this endearment that she has endured and is still capturing the hearts of those that work and play on her today.

“With any boat there is a labour of love required in maintenance and up keep, but working on a traditionally built timber vessel that has stood the test of time has an added level of satisfaction.”

The current all girls crew of skilled sailors are also fully involved in the refit. Getting hands on and learning the basic skills required to maintain a timber vessel from the keel up. While the work is pretty basic, sanding, painting, varnishing etc, these skills used by traditional shipwrights are seen less and less with the prevalence of todays fibreglass vessels.

Built in 1946, you can fully appreciate the amount of people that have been through the decks of the Derwent Hunter and played their role in keeping her as well kept as she is today. With so many hands through the years contributing to her rich history, her timeless beauty and uniqueness in todays current marine industry will no doubt ensure she lasts well into the future.

You too can become a part of the Derwent Hunters history like so many of her past guests by adding to the Captain’s log when taking a trip around the Whitsundays. Find out more about the Derwent Hunter day trip here. 

Derwent Hunter on the slip

Derwent Hunter on the slip