Winner Steve Irwin Ecotourism Award Silver and gold Queensland and Whitsunday Tourism Awards 2016-2018 Derwent Hunter
Derwent Hunter awarded gold and silver at the 2016 and 2018 Tourism Awards

Tallship Adventures is very proud to be recognised as a leading ecotourism provider in the Whitsundays and Queensland. We were awarded Gold in the Steve Irwin Award for Ecotourism at the Whitsunday Tourism Awards. This was then followed by a Silver at the Queensland Tourism Awards. Ecotourism is so important to the Whitsundays, Queensland and Australia, and we are honoured to be recognised amongst the industry leaders.

Multi Award winning Advanced Eco Accredited tour
Derwent Hunter Ecotourism

Tall Ship Adventures is a Multi Award winning Advanced Eco Accredited tour operator, and continues to contribute to the environment through Citizen Science on board ELSIE MAY .

Tall Ship Adventures is a Multi Award winning Advanced Eco Accredited tour operator. This means that our crew will focus on sharing the wonders of the environment with you through guided walks, talks and by practical hands on activities. Tall Ship Adventures has reached the highest level of accreditation with Ecotourism Australia and is a 20 year industry leader achieving the Whitsunday Tourism Hall of Fame for Adventure and Ecotourism.

The Tallship Adventure reef adventure focuses on low impact day & overnight tours and has numerous initiatives in place to protect our natural environment and educate our guests about it while they are enjoying the amazing Great Barrier Reef experience.

As part of our accreditation in addition to providing guided eco activities we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Tall Ship Adventures in the following way:

Private moorings, which means no anchoring

Every time an anchor is dropped it has an impact on the seabed, which could damage fragile corals or sea grass.

Of course we don’t want to damage the coral, that’s exactly what we are coming here to see, and turtles eat the sea grass, so we want to protect that too!

We have invested in private moorings in each of the locations we visit to ensure we are having the least impact on our natural environment possible.

Water conservation

We carry all water for our trip onboard the vessel. We strictly enforce the policy of water conservation. When you leave the trip we hope that you will contemplate your own water usage at home and consider the benefits to the environment of cutting down consumption.

Treatment of waste water

Sewage and effluent is held on board the vessel in specially developed holding tanks. The vessels have an on board sewage management plan. The flush on the toilets is set at a low rate to reduce the amount of water into the holding tanks.

Energy efficiency

The crew are encouraged to sail as much as possible which is an environmentally friendly mode of transport and also a lot of fun.

Noise limitations

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience natural quiet when in the natural areas. The majority of time spent in transit is under sail which means that the natural quiet prevails during your marine park sailing experience.

Minimal disturbance to wildlife

The trip is vessel based so is transient throughout the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We therefore have the ability to avoid disrupting wildlife by choosing the locations that we visit carefully. Our crew are trained to observe and report any areas which appear to have suffered harm and are instructed to avoid the location and report the findings to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. This allows us to avoid any ongoing erosion caused by our presence in the Marine Park.

Turtle Hospital fundraising

We have a passion for turtles, and have set in place a fund raising initiative to contribute to the fantastic work done by the Whitsunday Turtle Hospital. Every trip, you can buy drink tickets, and we refund any leftovers at the end. At the end of the trip, you now have the opportunity to donate your left over drinks tickets to the Turtle Hospital. So far we have raised over $1000!

Contributing to conservation

We contribute to the conservation of our natural area through a combination of hands on and in kind assistance. For example: recycling, ecological research (for example turtle spotting and completing Crown of Thorns Starfish Reports) and being actively involved in the “Eye on the Reef” project with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA).

Eye on the Reef

The Eye on the Reef project is the largest of its kind and relies on a strong relationship between GBRMPA and marine tourism operators such as ourselves and the reef research community. It is an ongoing exercise in collecting and documenting marine life, water temperatures and coral health.

Our experienced crew monitor our sites and submit weekly reports to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). We know our sites better than anyone and our marine biologists are the perfect eco guides. All of our crew members are passionate eco hosts who know so much about the Whitsunday marine life.

Did you know any Great Barrier Reef visitor can also report sightings of marine wildlife? There’s even an app for that!

More on the ‘Eye on the Reef‘ program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Advanced Eco Accreditation

Tall Ship Adventures has achieved Advanced Eco Accreditation with Eco Tourism Australia.

Tall Ship Adventures are leading the way as an innovative ecotourism product, providing guests with an opportunity to learn about the environment, with an operator who is committed to achieving best practice, using resources wisely and contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping local communities.

The Eco Certification program has been developed in Australia by Eco Tourism Australia and is now being exported to the rest of the world as the International Eco Tourism standard. For more information visit

Eco education

We have the time and the perfect platform to share our eco knowledge, and have special programmes for kids with our Eco Pirate Certificates.

Imagine an educational experience for the kids that they actually enjoy! Outside in the fresh air, learning about amazing fish and brightly coloured coral, and then getting to see it straight away in person! It’s hard to beat.

Climate Action Business Accreditation

The impacts of climate change around the world have become more clear, and sadly also more evident. The immediacy and scale of our response to the challenge of climate change is the single biggest issue of our time. Tall Ship Adventures is part of a pilot project for Climate Change Accreditation which focus’ on ensuring that we have a sustainable industry and for mitigating our impacts on the environment and our host communities. Tall ship Adventures has achieved Climate Action Business Accreditation as part of this project.

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was created to protect and preserve the largest & richest system of coral reefs in the world. It incorporates most of Australia’s north-eastern continental shelf, including the Whitsunday islands and their magnificent fringing reefs. Tall Ship Adventures visits the marine park on our overnight tours and each guests pays an entry fee which is included in the price in the ticket price.

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Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service

The role of the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) is to protect and preserve the national parks of the Whitsunday Island group. As part of your trip guests visit a variety of walking tracks, which are maintained by QPWS. Each guest pays an entry fee to use the walking track facilities which is included in the ticket price.

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Whitsunday Charter Boat Industry Association

The WCBIA represents members operating a multi-million dollar charter boat tourism industry within the Whitsunday region of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Tall Ship Adventures is an executive member of the WCBIA. The WCBIA collaborates with local, state and federal government agencies, as well as other key stakeholders to ensure we as operators produce a high standard of best practice principles.

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