Family sailing trips in the Whitsundays are a fun way to spend your holidays! Here are five reasons why children love travelling with us. Which also are five reasons why you should book your family getaway with Tall Ship Adventures!


  1. Tall ships look like pirate ships!

Everyone who has grown up watching Peter Pan knows how exciting it would be to  novelty jump on board what looks like a real pirate ship as a child. The old world feel of traditional tall ships gives the children a real thrill and enhances the excitement of ‘we’re going on a boat’ to ‘WE’RE GOING ON A PIRATE SHIP!’. The island paradise of the Whitsundays also provides the perfect backdrop for a family sailing trip with plenty of other boats sailing on the horizon their little imaginations can run wild!

Family sailing trips in the Whitsundays


  1. Getting involved with the sailing is fun

Our crew love sailing but what they love even more is being able to share this passion with our guests. Especially when these guests are overly enthusiastic children!  We’ll have them helping with hoisting the sails, getting them behind the helm to have a turn at steering the big old timber wheel and even entertaining them with a little bit of knot tying.

children helping hoist the sails


  1. They will learn about the Great Barrier Reef

All the staff at Tall Ship Adventures are as passionate about coral reefs as they are about traditional sailing. Join us for a snorkel on the fringing reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and enjoy our famous comprehensive and funny ‘reef chats’ from our Master Reef Guide and Marine Biologists. In these chats our passionate staff share all things weird and wonderful about some of the creatures you may have encountered on your snorkel with us. We find children especially love all the funny and quirky facts about marine life.

These informative and entertaining talks have become so popular that they are now a regular feature on our Facebook Page. You can check out Fi’s Wonders of the Whitsundays videos here or by following us on Facebook.

turtle in the great barrier reef marine park


  1. We have PLENTY of deck space

The beauty of being a big timber sailing boat is that we have big timber decks to move around on! Sitting still for long periods of times can be tedious for anyone – let alone active and excited children. The extra space on board our vessels allows for adults and children to move around freely and at ease making a more enjoyable trip for all.


  1. Leave with a temporary pirate tattoo

What could be better than helping to sail a real life pirate ship? Leaving with your own real life temporary pirate tattoo of course! It’s pretty much the icing on the cake to any family sailing trips in the Whitsundays.



Jump on board with us these school holidays for a fantastic day out on the Whitsundays with your family. We guarantee your children are going to love it!