Fantastic reef sightings and coral spawning

Derwent Hunter has had some wonderful reef sightings this week. Coral spawning has occurred, as predicted, which is wonderful for the health of the reef. This annual event is the one breeding ‘season’ for all the corals in the region, and conditions have to be exactly perfect for it to occur.

Spawning usually happens in November or December, between 3-6 days after the full moon, when the water has been at 26 degrees or warmer for the preceding month, and when the tides are just right. Spawning will then happen at night, a couple of hours after sunset. It’s a very precise business!

Nemo, is that you?

This fantastic anemone fish species, is a cousin of Nemo, called the white stripe maroon clownfish. The stripes are a little thinner, and the tail is less colourful.

The anemone you can see there is called a bubble tip anemone, a favourite habitat of theirs.

Maroon Clownfish facts
  • Can grow to about 17cm long
  • Are very territorial and only tolerate their mate sharing their anemone
  • The females are dominant and larger
  • The males are smaller and more brightly coloured
  • This fish is a hermaphrodite! It can change sex, and if the female dies, the male will become female
  • They are very house proud, taking very good care of their anemone

Supervising from above, exploring below

Our wonderful hosts see an eye on our guests from the dinghy when we go snorkelling. It helps us make sure everyone is happy, safe and comfortable, and gives us a great vantage point from which to point out coral formations, fish and turtles you can see.

Underneath the surface, there’s quite an amazing world to explore.

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