Derwent Hunter enjoyed a sail past the new Rainbow Warrior during its first visit to Airlie Beach yesterday.

The Rainbow Warriors first visit to Australia comes at a time of crisis for one of the worlds  most precious natural places, the Great Barrier Reef.

A meeting was  held in Airlie Beach last night highlighting the importance of the Great Barrier Reef and the responsibility of everyone on a global scale to protect it.

The team at Tallship Adventures urge everyone to make informed decisions and take responsibility for our coral reefs.

By joining our eco friendly Tallship sailing trips, we can show you the importance of keeping the Great Barrier Reef GREAT.

Derwent Hunter crew checking out Rainbow Warrier in Airlie Beach

Derwent Hunter crew checking out Rainbow Warrier in Airlie Beach

Ten things you may not know about the Great Barrier Reef..

  • Dugongs are more closely related to elephants than they are to dophins
  • The Reef is a global hotspot for sea snake diversity, with 14 different types of sea snake
  • The sex of sea turtle hatchlings depends on the temperature of the sand around the nest; the warmer the sand, the more females will be born
  • 720 different species of colourful sea squirts can be found on the Reef.
  • Only about 7% of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area consists of coral reefs. The rest is made up of seagrass, mangroves, sand, sponge gardens and other habitats.
  • Corals reproduce in mass spawning events. On inshore reefs, spawning occurs one to six days after the first full moon in October
  • Some corals eat small fish, killing them with special stinging cells called nematocysts
  • There are 13 types of shark on the Reef. The correct name for a group of sharks is a “shiver of sharks”
  • There are more different species of animals and plants in a cubic metre of the Great Barrier Reef than in any other environment in the world-including tropical rain forests
  • Unless we act the Reef will disappear

Credit: Most Information on the ten facts is courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, visit