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School Excursion Charters

With a focus on marine studies and environmental education, enjoy a hands on sailing experience and charter one of Australia’s most iconic tall ships for your school excursion.

Why choose a Tallship Adventure on Derwent Hunter for your next school excursion charter?

  • The iconic vessel Derwent Hunter is the perfect platform to explore the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef for your school tour. Not only is there ample deck space for students to work on, the vessel is also an Australian classic and is culturally significant to Australian Maritime history.

  • With a fully qualified marine biologist on board, our Multi award winning for tour has 15 years experience in adventure and ecotourism. Combine sailing and adventure within your eco and marine education program.

Why choose the Whitsundays?
  • Operating in the safe confines of partially smooth waters within the protected areas of the Great Barrier Reef means there is no need to experience the discomfort or additional risk associated with open ocean passage making.

  • The20 degrees latitude of the Whitsundays offers great all round climate, with reliable trade winds for comfortable sailing.

  • Discover the Great Barrier Reef and the unique flora and fauna of the stunning Whitsunday Islands enabling a flexible and varied itinerary.

  • Daily flights to Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) or Hamilton Island makes for easy and affordable transport costs.

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Full or Half Day Tallship Adventure Sailing
  • Half day tallship adventure sailing
  • Full day tallship adventure sailing and snorkelling
  • Full day Whitehaven Beach Tallship adventure cruises (add $1000 to charter fee)
  • Eco interpretive presentations by trained guides

  • Themed charter options
  • Marine education, sustainability and historic sailing

  • Menu options and beverage lists options available
For further information regarding availability, prices and catering, please contact us.