The Captain’s Log

Whitsunday clams with Derwent Hunter

Whales and sails through the Whitsundays with Derwent Hunter

It’s been a week for whale sightings! And like all enthralled whale watchers, we forgot to get the camera out – too busy looking at them and appreciating them in real life! Who else is guilty of forgetting to get the camera?

The special sighting this week was a rare one, of a pilot whale feeding. We usually see humpback whales so a pilot whale sighting is pretty special, and to see it feeding a calf is extra awesome!

All our sightings are logged with GBRMPA through the Eye on the Reef sightings network, providing valuable data to best manage the reef.

When you sail with us you can join in and help log data for the Eye on the Reef program, it’s a great help, and you get to contribute something really important while enjoying a fabulous day out.


Sharing our passion for sailing

We love being sent photos to share from our visiting guests, and as you can see, we love a good pirate dress-up day too!

“We had a ball! Thanks so much to the crew for looking after the kids especially! Our boys loved having a sail and being pirates! I particularly like the photo of Josh and my son Morgan discussing all things sailing! I think he might’ve ignited a passion for the water in our little farm kids!”

-‘The travelling Heaps’


Coral pictures show regrowth

The reef is bouncing back, and we’ve been busy recording our sightings. Check out some of these beauties – how many clams can you count in the photo below?

Whitsunday clams with Derwent Hunter

Decent winds this week have meant lots of opportunity to get sailing and really get going. All hands on deck to set sail (spectators allowed!) then time to relax and let Derwent Hunter do her thing.

And once again, we couldn’t resist the urge to grab a camera and go up high when the ship was moored up safely. Love being up here!


Hobbits and poetry from our guests

“Loved the trip out, to dive and walk on the beach. Volcanic rocks form sculptures-looking like hobbit housing”  


“We thank the crew of the Derwent
You run a good tight ship
For Josh, Cap and the crew
The voyage it didn’t slip.
The weather be fine, it didn’t decline
The galley, its offering be.
Fair winds and gale, did fill the sail
A good time be had by all at sea.
Har! Har!”

-A nice little poem by the Bosels & Andersons


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