A Whitsundays eco tour with Master Reef Guides and Marine Biologists on board. Our staff are not only well educated but passionate about sharing their knowledge and spreading the word on conscious travel and reef conservation. Having both the time and perfect platform to focus on enjoying the environment it makes sense to include educational elements in our tours. 

two tall ships sailing in the Whitsundays


At Tall Ship Adventures we pride ourselves in being an advanced eco-tour. With multiples levels of Eco Accreditation in Australia we are in the highest bracket and are leaders in the industry. Contributing to conservation and sustainable practices is not just part of our everyday operations  but a continually evolving process.Operating in the pristine surroundings of the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park we seek to continue to keep the islands and reef as untouched as possible by conscientiously building conservation education and environmentally practices into our business.

Our crew love sharing the wonders of exploring and sailing in an untouched environment with our guided walks, talks and practical hands on activities – we even have a special programme for kids (keep your eyes peeled for our  Eco Pirate Blog coming soon). As part of our accreditation in addition to providing guided eco activities we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Tall Ship Adventures in the following way:

Private moorings, which means less anchoring

Every time an anchor is dropped it has an impact on the seabed, which could damage fragile corals or sea grass. We have minimised our need to anchor by investing in private moorings in the locations we visit. 

Where there may be times when we need to anchor due to weather taking us to different bays, we are leaving as little damage as possible to our natural environment through the use of private company moorings. 

Energy efficiency

The crew are encouraged to sail as much as possible which is an environmentally friendly mode of transport (wind fuel is fossil fuel free!) and it is also a lot of fun! If you want you can get involved and learn the skills of sailing. 

Noise limitations

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience natural quiet when in the natural areas. The majority of time spent in transit is under sail which means that the peace prevails during your marine park experience.

Minimal disturbance to wildlife

By sailing and keeping the trip vessel based we avoid disrupting wildlife. Our crew are trained to observe and report any areas of the environment (particularly the reef) which appear to have suffered harm and are instructed to avoid the location and report the findings to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. This allows us to avoid any ongoing erosion caused by our presence in the Marine Park.

Turtle Hospital fundraising

We have a passion for turtles, and have set in place a fund raising initiative to contribute to the fantastic work done by the Whitsunday Turtle Hospital. Every trip, you can buy drink tickets, and we refund any leftovers at the end. At the end of the trip, you now have the opportunity to donate your left over drinks tickets to the Turtle Hospital.


Sail with us! Book direct on our day trip Derwent Hunter or overnight with us on the Alexander Stewart. 
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