Derwent Hunter Tallship Adventures are on YouTube!

Have a look at our daily videos, and our highlights videos to get a feel for the adventure that is sailing on traditional timber tallship Derwent Hunter around the Whitsundays.

Highlights Video

Check out the highlights reel from the end of September 2014. There were turtles, whales, deserted beaches, lots of people having fun. Just a typical day out amongst the islands of the Whitsundays on the tallship Derwent Hunter really!

More videos of Derwent Hunter on YouTube

Check out our YouTube gallery to see more wonderful footage of the Derwent Hunter eco tallship reef adventure.

Derwent Hunter features in new Qantas video

Derwent Hunter and the Whitsundays have a starring role in the new onboard safety video from Qantas Airlines. We were lucky enough to host the beautiful Lara Louise Mitton, who incidentally is a local Whitsunday girl, in one of the final scenes in the video.

Derwent Hunter gets her moment in the sky in the second last scene of the video, with Lara reclining in a hammock on board the ship.

Well done Qantas! It’s an amazingly beautiful showcase of our country and we’re thrilled to have been a part of it.